Email Marketing Course

Learn email marketing to generate leads by sending funnel sales emails to the target audience with efficient strategies on comprehensive content design, CTA, A/B testing, analysis, and automating emails.

Email Marketing Training Overview

  • Email Marketing is a powerful marketing medium that drives potential leads to business by directly communicating with customers.
  • Email Campaigns are a best practice for lead generation and conversions, branding, engagements, promotions, customer relationships, accurate ROI, etc.
  • Big to small businesses use email campaigns as they need less investment. Yet, Email campaign specialists and Email marketing managers are in demand in almost every industry.
  • The Email Marketing course syllabus contains Introduction to Email Marketing, types of Email Communications, Elements of Marketing Emails, Email Content, Email Marketing Plan, Build your Email List, Choosing Your Email Platform, and Measuring your Email Campaign’s Success.
  • We provide the best Email Marketing Training in Chennai. With one-on-one training sessions by top mentors, get advanced-level training on your flexible timings.

Prerequisites of Email Marketing Course

Any degree / Diploma / Post Graduate / Graduate/ Entrepreneurs
Students / Freshers / Working Professionals

Engineering / Arts & Science candidates

No experience is required.

Candidates interested in digital marketing

Candidates with basic computer knowledge

Benefits of Email Marketing Training

  • Email Marketing is the most effective approach for maximizing ROI. That’s why virtually every business is now leveraging the power of email to connect with new customers and drive their growth.
  • Email marketing places a strong emphasis on customer-centric lead generation. This methodology prioritizes understanding and catering to the specific needs and interests of your target audience. As a result, it has become an in-demand strategy for businesses to expand their customer base.
  • In addition to its impact on business growth, expertise in Email Marketing opens up a world of job opportunities and various roles, such as Email Marketing Manager, Email Automation Specialist, Email Deliverability Specialist, etc.

We offer

Upon successful completion of Email Marketing training, one can:

  • Utilize specialized software and tools to create and execute effective email marketing campaigns.
  • Develop targeted email lists and segment them based on various criteria, such as demographics, behaviors, and engagement metrics.
  • Implement and manage marketing automation workflows to send triggered emails based on user actions, enhancing personalization and engagement.
  • Conduct A/B testing to optimize email subject lines, content, and call-to-action buttons for higher conversion rates.
  • Analyze email campaign performance metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates, using tools like Google Analytics or email marketing software analytics.
  • Develop and nurture customer relationships through email to enhance customer retention and lifetime value.



Getting certified in an advanced Email marketing course validates your expertise and can increase your job prospects. Additionally, it can lead to a higher salary.

Email marketing training and certification can help you gain valuable career skills, improve your marketing strategies, and enhance your job prospects in the digital marketing industry.

The duration it takes to complete an Email marketing certification can vary, depending on the complexity of the course. We at Vikapri Training complete this course in 45 days. You can opt for both a classroom and email marketing online course.

Complete advanced Email Marketing training in 45 days.

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