Search Engine Optimization Course

Learn keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and technical optimizations to increase website traffic and attract relevant visitors from search engines.

SEO Course Overview

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) deals with ranking a website on the Search Engine Result Page in an organic way. SEO helps businesses bring leads and sales by making web pages visible in the top 10 search results.
  • Through our Search Engine Optimization training, one can get in-depth knowledge of the Basics of SEO, Research and analysis, Website Design SEO Guidelines, On-page Optimization, Internal Link Building, Off-page Optimization, Analytics, SEO Tools, and Reporting.
  • There is a huge demand for SEO Experts as every business starts its digital journey by making its website. Due to competition in the digital world, every company needs SEO Experts to keep themselves competitive using the latest tricks and techniques.
  • We at Vikapri Training provide the best SEO Course Training in Chennai with One-on-one training sessions by digital marketing experts.

Prerequisites of SEO Course

Any degree / Diploma / Graduate / Post Graduates / Entrepreneurs

Students / Freshers / Working Professionals 

Engineering / Arts & Science candidates

No experience is required.

Candidates interested in digital marketing

Candidates with basic computer knowledge

Benefits of SEO Training in Chennai

  • Acquiring knowledge in SEO can lead to numerous job opportunities in the digital marketing industry.
  • Mastering SEO techniques can help businesses achieve long-term visibility and sustainable growth.
  • Possessing SEO expertise makes you a valuable asset to businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.
  • Learning SEO demonstrates your ability to drive targeted traffic and generate valuable leads, making you a desirable candidate in the job market.
  • Pursuing a career in digital marketing with SEO can lead to various job roles such as SEO specialist, SEO analyst, SEO consultant, or content marketer.

We offer

Upon successful completion of SEO training, one can:

  • Optimize website performance by improving speed, fixing crawl errors, and enhancing site structure.
  • Identify valuable keywords and search trends through advanced research techniques to achieve better search rankings.
  • Utilize tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to analyze SEO data and make data-driven decisions.
  • Boost visibility in search results by implementing schema markup for clearer content understanding.
  • Improve SEO rankings by ensuring mobile-friendliness with responsive design and fast-loading pages.
  • Specialize in local SEO to optimize Google My Business and manage reviews for businesses targeting specific regions.
  • Address issues like canonicalization and indexing through comprehensive technical SEO audits and enhance rankings.
  • Optimize for various locations and languages to expand global reach through international SEO.
  • Cater to the increasing trend of voice-activated search by optimizing content for voice search.
  • Utilize technical analysis tools to gain insights into competitor strategies and find opportunities for improvement.



SEO classes are specialized courses that teach you Search Engine Optimization approaches. They cover techniques to improve website visibility on search engines like Google.

You can easily find SEO optimization classes online by searching for “online SEO training” or “SEO course online.” Numerous institutes offer these courses, while Vikapri Training delivers comprehensive training on SEO, available both online and offline.

In an online SEO training course, you’ll learn SEO marketing basics, optimization techniques, and strategies to enhance website ranking. It equips you with the skills needed to excel in digital marketing.

Yes. Upon completing an online SEO training course, you typically receive a certification. This certification validates your knowledge and can boost your career in digital marketing.

The best SEO training course offers an SEO syllabus covering all aspects of optimization and marketing. Vikapri Training is a reputable institute that provides hands-on experience on each topic with real-time projects and covers the whole SEO syllabus.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Training

Maximize search engine rankings and boost your online visibility with our comprehensive SEO training.

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