JAVA Struts Course

Get in-depth knowledge of components, such as Filter Dispatcher, Configuration file, Interceptors, Deployment descriptor, and Tag Library, to create web applications based on servlet and JSP.

JAVA Struts Course Overview

  • Our comprehensive Java Struts Training program equips developers with the skills to create enterprise-level Java applications using the Struts Framework.
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the Struts architecture and learn to implement mappings, form beans, input authentication, and custom tags for HTML forms.
  • The Struts 2 framework helps to simplify application development and reduce complexity. A significant advantage of Struts 2 is its ability to leverage JAR package plugins.
  • Proficiency in Java Struts is highly valued in the industry, making Certification in Java Struts a valuable asset for career growth.

Prerequisites to learn JAVA Struts

Any degree / Diploma / Graduate / Post Graduates / Engineering
Students / Freshers / Working Professionals
Java Programming and JSP programming knowledge
Basic understanding of HTML and XML.

Benefits of JAVA Struts Training

  • JAVA Struts course offers valuable skills highly strived after by employers in web development, enhancing career opportunities and enabling developers to create robust, efficient web applications, ensuring a high demand for professionals in this field.
  • Specialized in JAVA Struts can expect to enjoy attractive salary packages in the thriving IT industry, with ample job opportunities and a strong demand for skilled professionals in this field.
  • Career advancement opportunities as Java Struts experts include senior developer roles, architecture positions, consultancy, and leadership roles in IT projects.

We offer

Upon successful completion of JAVA training, one can:

  • Acquire expertise in the fundamental syntax and language features of Java.
  • Build proficiency in constructing scalable web applications through Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).
  • Master the Java Struts framework for structuring web applications.
  • Learn techniques for efficient database connectivity and management using JDBC.
  • Achieve mastery of the Spring Framework, a tool for developing complex enterprise applications.
  • Understand Hibernate for Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) and streamline database interactions.
  • Specialize in either backend or full-stack development, leveraging Java’s versatility.
  • Demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of Java in technical interviews to excel in your career.
  • Enhance your coding skills and community involvement by contributing to open-source Java projects.



This Java Struts course is available in both online and classroom formats. The choice between the two largely depends on your convenience and learning style.

This course suits aspiring Java developers, software engineers, programmers, professionals, and job seekers aiming for Java developer roles.

Struts training typically covers topics like MVC architecture, configuration, actions, forms, validation, and customizing views for web development.

Struts include Struts 1 (classic) and Struts 2 (modern)

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